Available Services

We will work with you to create a customized plan of care and manage it every step of the way. Our experienced team of care management specialists and friendly companions are there to ensure the highest quality of care is consistently provided. Our caregiver schedules are flexible and are available to provide care whenever and wherever it’s needed, while our clients receive the assistance they need to continue to enjoy their regular activities.

Our line of personal care services helps you or your loved one with non-medical care needs such as assistance with bathing/showering, grooming, incontinence care, dressing, mobility assistance, medication reminders, meal preparation and planning and more. Our care managers will be periodically conducting re-assessments to ensure that you are getting the care you need and deserve.

Our respite care services offer assistance with daily living activities and provide the companionship, social interaction and engagement with things you enjoy helping to decrease feelings of depression and isolation. Whether you need someone to escort you running errands, going to the doctor, or someone to help with activities of daily living, we have you covered.

Our caregivers can assist with laundry, ironing, changing bed linens, dusting vacuuming, cleaning kitchen counters, appliances and floor, cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning bathrooms, closet/cupboard organization and more.  At your request, our caregivers can also monitor your diet and eating routine to ensure your meals are in line with your dietary needs.

Our Caregivers

We understand that the quality of care depends on the training and education our caregivers receive. That is why all of our caregivers are experienced and skilled in handling your loved ones’ particular needs. We pride ourselves on hiring people for their compassion, experience, and flexibility. But we know this isn’t all it takes to provide the best care possible. Caregivers also need excellent skills and competency in care and that comes from excellent training.

Why does training matter?

  • Trained caregivers provide the highest quality of care to you or your loved one
  • Trained caregivers know how to recognize when medical care is needed
  • Trained caregivers can help their clients avoid injury around the home
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